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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hidden airline fees

Hidden airline fees

Written by Marie Glodt, Hawaiian Travel Specialist at Travel to Maui

In today’s blog I wanted to address the cost of membership fees for airport club lounges.

While this luxury service used to be limited to a very select few, now it is available to everyone but for a fee. Most airlines will offer a daily pass. This ranges from $30.00-50.00 depending on the airlines. Alaskan airlines charges the least with the daily fee of $30.00, American airlines and United airlines charge the most with the fee varying depending when and how you pay. Daily passes are not available with Frontier, Hawaiian, Jet Blue, Southwest, or Sprit airlines.

If you would like to purchase an annual membership pass for the airport club prepare to pay anywhere from $199.00-525.00.Hawaiian airlines annual fee starts at $199.00, with United airlines having the most expensive fee of $525.00. Different fees apply to renewal clients

Many lounges include light snacks, & soft drinks. While the airlines websites are a little vague of what is included you may contact them directly for details, or stop by the airport lounge for the most up to date pricing and information.

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