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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

All-inclusive vacation to Hawaii

As a resident of Hawaii and a travel agent I have people ask me this question all the time?

Why doesn’t Hawaii offer all inclusive vacations like Mexico?
The reason is simple. All inclusive vacations work best in places where you really want to keep the traveler from leaving the resort.

In the case of Mexico you need to be concerned about health issues from eating outside food and drinking the local water. Another worry would be the high crime towards visitors and residents.


Luckily for Hawaii we have the lowest crime rate in the nation, and our food and water is not only good it is GREAT!  

Often times a hotel or resort here in Hawaii will offer a meal promotion such as a free breakfast.
 As a Hawaiian Destination Specialist with the Hawaii visitor bureau and a travel agent at Travel to Maui I know that such promotions are not always the best price! I always double check with our discounts wholesalers to get the cheapest and best options for our clients!  I have found that unless you are a big breakfast eater for example you  will wind up paying more for this.

Another thing to keep in mind is that there are many tours and excursions that you will want to engage in when here in Hawaii. This includes tours and excursions such as: a zip line tour, or snorkel trip to a marine preserve. These tours normally include food and drinks. If you have prepaid your meals you will feel cheated if you leave the property to enjoy one of these activities.

If you really have your heart set on an all inclusive vacation to Hawaii we do have one option. There are cruises that include all your meals, and shows. Drinks and tours are not normally included. There is one exception to this rule. We do have one cruise line that runs for 6 months of the year (when it is not in Alaska) that offers a true all inclusive cruises. Starting prices are around $3,500 per person based on double occupancy for 7 days.

If you would like more information about your Hawaiian vacation or an all inclusive package contact us at

Travel to Maui is a Hawaiian Destination Specialist and Maui Master with the Hawaii Visitor Bureau.

Written by Marie Glodt a Maui travel agent at Travel to Maui.