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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hidden airline fees

Hidden airline fees

Written by Marie Glodt, Hawaiian Travel Specialist at Travel to Maui

In today’s blog I wanted to address the cost of membership fees for airport club lounges.

While this luxury service used to be limited to a very select few, now it is available to everyone but for a fee. Most airlines will offer a daily pass. This ranges from $30.00-50.00 depending on the airlines. Alaskan airlines charges the least with the daily fee of $30.00, American airlines and United airlines charge the most with the fee varying depending when and how you pay. Daily passes are not available with Frontier, Hawaiian, Jet Blue, Southwest, or Sprit airlines.

If you would like to purchase an annual membership pass for the airport club prepare to pay anywhere from $199.00-525.00.Hawaiian airlines annual fee starts at $199.00, with United airlines having the most expensive fee of $525.00. Different fees apply to renewal clients

Many lounges include light snacks, & soft drinks. While the airlines websites are a little vague of what is included you may contact them directly for details, or stop by the airport lounge for the most up to date pricing and information.

Coming in future blogs: Spa & romance packages in Hawaii,
Tours and activities in Hawaii, Honeymoon packages and travel tips to Hawaii & Tahiti, more hidden airline fees, great places to eat in Hawaii, the best beaches in Hawaii,fun things to do in Hawaii.

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

26 Reasons to visit Hawaii

26 reasons (A-Z) to visit Hawaii
Written by Marie Glodt, Hawaii destination specialist at Travel to Maui

We all know that Hawaii is a wonderful place to visit. As a Hawaii based travel agent I like to get out as much as possible and enjoy the beautiful islands of Hawaii that I call home! Here are 26 reasons why you should visit Hawaii.

1. A=Aloha Spirit
2. B=Bishop Museum
3. C=Cowboys aka Panilolos
4. D=Dinner Cruises
5. E=Endless beaches
6. F=Friendly people
7. G=Golf on championship courses
8. H= Helicopter flights over lush valleys with cascading waterfalls
9. I=Iolani Place
10. J=Jacarada trees in bloom
11. K=Kauai
12. L=Luau
13. M=Maui
14. N=Napali Bay
15. O=Olowalu Plantation House
16. P=Pearl Harbor
17. Q=Qantas airlines nonstop flight from Oahu to Australia
18. R=Rainbows
19. S=Sunrise at Haleakala Crater
20. T=Turtle town
21. U=Underwater tours
22. V=Volcano tours over active an active volcano
23. W= We have wonderful weather in Hawaii year round
24. X=Xterra races
25. Y-Your memories of a lifetime
26. Z=Zip line tours

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Monday, July 20, 2009

How I spent my “staycation” on Maui, Hawaii!

Written by Marie Glodt, Hawaiian Destination Specialist at Travel to Maui

As a travel agent here on Maui I am constantly invited to stay at the nicest properties in the state. In doing so I am able to tell my clients first hand the pros and cons of each and every property we offer. Another benefit of booking your travel with Travel to Maui would be our local travel tips and discount coupons.

This last week I took some time out of the office to enjoy this beautiful island of Maui that I call home! During my “staycation” I made it a point to “stop and smell the flowers,” visit the tourist sites, check out some tours, and eat at some of my favorite spots.

One of the highlights of my time off was donating my time with Maui Pet Therapy-Haku Baldwin Center. On this trip we visited Kula Hospital with about 6 human volunteers and 15-20 feathered and furry volunteers. Our goal is to make someone’s day just a bit brighter with our love and laughter.

Are you planning a trip to Maui? You may want to consider a “volunteer vacation” while you are here. It makes you feel good and a portion of your vacation may be tax deductible.

I also enjoyed a day at the beach with about 20 of my closest friends and family having a potluck. Most of the beach parks on Maui close at sunset time. So please make sure and not leave your car unattended after dark or you will be locked in for the night!

Another treat during my “staycation” was visiting the new Kapalua Spa. This 3,000 sq. foot spa opened the week before my visit. I had the nicest massage from a gentleman named Bo. I also enjoyed the cold water shower, steam room and outdoor pool looking out at Kapalua Bay! For reservations contact:

Rainy days don’t happen that often in Maui, but when they do the place to be in the Maui Ocean Center in Maalaea.
I love the jelly fish tank with black lights. It is easy to spend an hour or more checking out the sharks and fish, so please allow ample time on this visit.

After the Maui Ocean Center I had lunch at one of my favorite shrimp places. That would be Buzz’s Wharf located in Maalaea Harbor, Maui.
My favorite things would be the shrimp bisque and the ahi fish sandwich. If you book your travel thru Travel to Maui we will also send you a 10% off coupon at Buzz’s Wharf with your travel documents.

If you are shopping for souvenirs stop by the Maui Swap meet.
It is held every Saturday from 7:00 am to 1pm, in Kahului town. You will find reasonably priced handmade items. Please stop by and see Meriah’s tie dye booth. I just love her tie dyed clothes and doggie shirts.

Lastly I had dinner at Haliimaile General Store. We had Carol for our waitress. She was great for giving suggestions on the menu, and her service was excellent ! I had the fish, my guest had the ribs. Both were perfect. Don’t miss the opening of Seawatch in Wailea under the Bev Gannon management team. This will be happening in August 2009.

For more information please contact Travel to Maui

Coming up in future blogs: more hidden airline fees, golf courses on Maui, Aloha Classic Event, and more.

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Baggage Fees for Domestic flights in the United States

More “hidden airline fees!” By Marie Glodt @ Travel to Maui

In today’s blog I wanted to comment on baggage fees imposed by the airlines. This is ever changing so please keep this mind when traveling.

It is always a good idea to call the airlines directly a day or two before you depart! This is a good time to reconfirm your flight times and see if the baggage fees have changed since you booked your trip. Many airlines will not honor an earlier rate quoted.

Most airlines are now charging for the 1st & 2nd bags. On your first bag expect to pay from $15.00-25.00 if it is under 50#. The second bag will be range from $25.00-35.00. The exceptions to this rule would be JetBlue & Southwest airlines. JetBlue will allow the first bag at no charge. The second bag would be $30.00. Southwest is currently not charging for the 1st or 2nd bags as long as it is within the weight and length restrictions.

Do you have a 3rd bag? Then you can plan on paying an extra $50-125 for that bag.

Is your bag over 50 pounds? As long as it is between 51-70 pounds you will be paying an additional $25.00-100 depending on the flight. If your bag is between 71-100 pounds you will be charged an extra $75-175.00.

If your checked luggage is 63-80 total inches be prepared to pay $100.00 or more with Delta, United, Spirit, US Airways or American airlines. This size luggage is not allowed on Hawaiian airlines.

Coming in future blogs: club membership fees, frequent flyer costs, buying miles, my “staycation on Maui”, honeymoons, spa & romance packages to Hawaii, and the South Pacific.

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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Hidden airline fees part #2

Hidden airline Fees part #2

Written by Marie Glodt Travel to Maui

This is a continuation from the blog I posted last week of the hidden airline fees.

Today I want to address the change fee policies. We all know it costs the airlines very little to make changes to your reservation once ticketed. But that doesn’t mean it cost you that amount!

Change fees vary depending on the airlines and the type of ticket you are on.

Are you traveling on an international ticket? Then expect to pay $100 on Alaska airlines (the least expensive). Or up to $250.00 on American, Continental, Delta or United airlines. This fee is per person.

If you are traveling domestically the lowest change fee is $50.00. Most airlines seem to be charging in the $100-150 price range.

Your fee to change flight to same the destination on the day of departure ranges from $0.00 on Alaskan airlines, to $150-200.00 on Hawaiian airlines.

On my next hidden fee blog I will address baggage fees! Look for this blog in about 2 weeks.

I am going to be taking some time off to do a “staycation” here on Maui. I will be writing a brief blog about that as well in the near future. Stay tuned.

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