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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tours and Activities in Hawaii

Written by Marie Glodt, Hawaiian travel specialist at Travel to Maui

Visiting the Hawaiian Islands can be many things, to many people. Some folks prefer to stay in a luxury hotel and sit by the pool having some bring them “fruity drinks.”
While others the thought of sitting still all day would drive them crazy. Their idea of the perfect vacation is to fill every minute with things to do.

As your travel expert part of our job is to figure out what appeals to you.
In addition to your travel plans we here at Travel to Maui can assist you with arranging your tours and activities prior to arriving on island. Being a resident of Hawaii we have the opportunity to try out many of these options first hand, and we also know the tours that sell out weeks in advance.

One of the most activities would be a luau. Most luaus will run about 3 hours long, generally starting just prior to sunset. During this time they will serve you drinks, dinner and a show. The amount of people varies depending on the island and luau (100-1,000 people). Luaus are great for families, honeymooners, or repeat guests to the islands.

Another option would be a snorkel tour. Snorkel tours range from a couple of hours to all day. Meals, snacks, beverages and snorkel gear are included in the cost of the tour.

Helicopter flights over the Hawaiian Islands are exciting. I have personally been over the active volcano on “the big island.” Flying over the volcano was one of the most amazing things I have ever seen! I have also enjoyed the waterfalls and rainforests on the island of Maui & Kauai.

Zipline tours are very popular nowadays. I have tried this recently and it was very exciting. This is also a great tour if you have teenagers with you. It is hard for them not to smile when they are zipping down a mountain!

Dinner cruise or sunset sails are very popular with honeymooners. It is so beautiful to get out on the ocean and look back at the island. These cruises are about 2 hours in length and include drinks, food and are lots of fun.

If you are visiting the island of Oahu visiting Pearl Harbor is a must. This would be a ½ day tour, located just outside of Waikiki & Honolulu.

Our weather here in the islands is normally sunny, beautiful and in the 70’s to 80’s but we do get rain from time to time. As they say in Hawaii “without rain, there are no rainbows!”

If you are looking for something to do on a rainy day or just for a few hours the Maui Ocean Center on Maui is lots of fun. I just love the jelly fish tank that is under a black light!

Another great rainy day idea is a spa day. I just love being pampered for a few hours getting a massage or a facial! Hawaii has some of the best spas in the nation. I plan to write a blog about spas soon, so stay tuned.

This is just a small sample of the things we can arrange to make your stay here in Hawaii extra special. When planning your trip to Hawaii please contact us for a quote
We are a Hawaiian based travel agency, located on Maui.

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