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Thursday, July 23, 2009

26 Reasons to visit Hawaii

26 reasons (A-Z) to visit Hawaii
Written by Marie Glodt, Hawaii destination specialist at Travel to Maui

We all know that Hawaii is a wonderful place to visit. As a Hawaii based travel agent I like to get out as much as possible and enjoy the beautiful islands of Hawaii that I call home! Here are 26 reasons why you should visit Hawaii.

1. A=Aloha Spirit
2. B=Bishop Museum
3. C=Cowboys aka Panilolos
4. D=Dinner Cruises
5. E=Endless beaches
6. F=Friendly people
7. G=Golf on championship courses
8. H= Helicopter flights over lush valleys with cascading waterfalls
9. I=Iolani Place
10. J=Jacarada trees in bloom
11. K=Kauai
12. L=Luau
13. M=Maui
14. N=Napali Bay
15. O=Olowalu Plantation House
16. P=Pearl Harbor
17. Q=Qantas airlines nonstop flight from Oahu to Australia
18. R=Rainbows
19. S=Sunrise at Haleakala Crater
20. T=Turtle town
21. U=Underwater tours
22. V=Volcano tours over active an active volcano
23. W= We have wonderful weather in Hawaii year round
24. X=Xterra races
25. Y-Your memories of a lifetime
26. Z=Zip line tours

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