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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Baggage Fees for Domestic flights in the United States

More “hidden airline fees!” By Marie Glodt @ Travel to Maui

In today’s blog I wanted to comment on baggage fees imposed by the airlines. This is ever changing so please keep this mind when traveling.

It is always a good idea to call the airlines directly a day or two before you depart! This is a good time to reconfirm your flight times and see if the baggage fees have changed since you booked your trip. Many airlines will not honor an earlier rate quoted.

Most airlines are now charging for the 1st & 2nd bags. On your first bag expect to pay from $15.00-25.00 if it is under 50#. The second bag will be range from $25.00-35.00. The exceptions to this rule would be JetBlue & Southwest airlines. JetBlue will allow the first bag at no charge. The second bag would be $30.00. Southwest is currently not charging for the 1st or 2nd bags as long as it is within the weight and length restrictions.

Do you have a 3rd bag? Then you can plan on paying an extra $50-125 for that bag.

Is your bag over 50 pounds? As long as it is between 51-70 pounds you will be paying an additional $25.00-100 depending on the flight. If your bag is between 71-100 pounds you will be charged an extra $75-175.00.

If your checked luggage is 63-80 total inches be prepared to pay $100.00 or more with Delta, United, Spirit, US Airways or American airlines. This size luggage is not allowed on Hawaiian airlines.

Coming in future blogs: club membership fees, frequent flyer costs, buying miles, my “staycation on Maui”, honeymoons, spa & romance packages to Hawaii, and the South Pacific.

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