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Thursday, May 27, 2010

How much should you allow when considering your travel budget?

How much should you allow when considering your travel budget?

Written by Marie Glodt a Maui travel agent and Hawaiian Destination specialist.

When I ask clients their travel budget their answer is always the same. “I want the best price.”

As a travel agent based here on Maui part of my job is to get you the best value for your travel package. The other portion of my job is to find out what property is going to fit your needs including your travel budget.

When figuring out your travel budget there is many things to take in consideration.

1. Length of stay
2. View type required
3. Type of accommodations
4. What size vehicle works best for you?
5. It is best not to include your tours, activities or meals into your travel package budget.
6. When giving a dollar figure for your budget do not give a per person rate.

If you are visiting Hawaii on your vacation and you plan on visiting more than one island you should allow 9-14 days.

View types range from the least expensive view (standard) to the most expensive view type (ocean front). I always tell clients to go with the best view type your budget allows. The view type will be something you will remember when you look back on your vacation years from now!

Accommodations range from “no frills” or 1-2 star properties to “luxury” hotel or condos with 4-5 star ratings.

Most travel packages are based on double occupancy in their pricing. Giving a per person rate will not be ½ the cost of a double occupancy. This holds true on cruises and most travel packages.

When considering your departure city the closest airport isn’t always the best option. Many times the smaller airports have little or no competition and their airfare reflects this. It is advisable to consult a travel specialist to help you find the best departure city to save you money and time!

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