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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Why should you hire a professional travel agent?

Written by Marie Glodt Travel to Maui

In the age of the internet I am frequently asked “do people still use a travel agent?”
My response is “the smart ones do!”

In my years in the travel industry I have found just because something looks good online doesn’t mean that it is going to actually look like that when you check in.

I found that the photos you see online are seldom what you can expect when you check in! Internet photos are frequently taken at “low tide” (when the beach looks empty of people and is at its largest point) or when the room has been recently renovated (but they don’t tell you that not all the rooms look like that, or that last renovation was 5 years ago).

As a travel professional I make it my job to actually tour, inspect and stay at every property we offer our clients.

Working with a travel expert who specializes in your destination will make your travel plans stress free and the vacation of a life time!

“Being a Hawaiian Destination Specialist, and a resident of Maui, Hawaii allows me to know the best properties to fit your tastes and budget.”

“When creating your customized quote we work with the top rated discounted wholesalers to get you the best value on your travel package to Paradise.”

The extra benefit of working with a Hawaiian Travel agent would be our contacts with the management of the property you will be staying. We can also provide tours and excursions to complete your travel plans prior to your arrival in the islands.

Still thinking of shopping online? Please check out these quotes below!
• "The time an agency spends on your behalf may be worth any fees you'll have to pay." Frommer's Hawaii
• “A competent agent takes the time to listen to what you want, and then makes recommendations based on your needs. In fact, good travel agents don't consider themselves agents at all, but "specialists in a destination or travel type.” "They can get you information that can't be found on the Web. They listen more than they speak and then wow you with the perfect trip!”
• “The right travel agent that will save you the most money will have a few distinct traits. First, the travel agent will ask you tons of questions about your plans, travel itinerary, preferences, and flexibility. The travel agent that asks these questions will have a better chance of finding you deals that you can work with!”
• “Without a travel agent you are on your own!” “Asta”

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Photo credit to Grand Hyatt Kauai