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Monday, December 28, 2009

Hawaii Travel tips or Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Condo: Condominiums are a great option for people who enjoy cooking while they are on vacation. They will offer either a kitchenette or full size kitchen depending on the size of your unit. Some properties will also have a shared BBQ on premises. All of the condos we offer will also include daily maid service.

Hotel: A hotel will offer more in the way of amenities or services than a condo. A few examples would be: high speed internet access, room service, a restaurant and/or bar on property, food & beverage service available by the pool.

Other amenities offered at select properties in the deluxe-luxury category would be: fitness center, luxury day spa, a more deluxe swimming pool and jacuzzi, a business center on property, and a concierge floor or club level. All hotels include daily maid service. Hotels do not offer a kitchenette or cooking facilities.

Home Rentals or Villas:This luxury option will be offering the finest in furnishings and location in the Hawaiian islands. They generally allow from 4-10 people depending on the property and size of the unit. Normally a week stay is the minimum requirement, in addition to cleaning and security fees.

Hawaii has a state fire law about the maximum people allowed in any condo/hotel. All properties follow this law as they can be fined if they have more than the maximum allowed in that particular unit. Everyone is included in this head count including infants.

What do the various accommodation levels mean?

Budget: Geared towards those seeking the lowest prices possible. 1-2 star rating.
Moderate: A modest property with comfortable rooms and simple amenities, 2-3 stars.
Deluxe: Accommodations that offer upgraded furnishings or amenities within a resort and/or a condo. This will be a 3-4 star rating.
Superior-Luxury: The highest level of service and amenities found within the best locations. This rates 4-5 stars.

What is the difference amongst the differet view types?
View types will vary depending on the location, but here are the most common types you will encounter:

Standard: Generally the least expensive option. This would be a very basic view, including parking lots, nearby buildings, etc.
City: This view type is offered only on Oahu (Waikiki). Not advisable for light sleepers as you will likely hear road noise.
Garden: Within a tropical setting of plants and/or flowers, usually on the ground floor.
Mountain: A glimpse of the mountains.
Partial Ocean View: The view of the water is normally from the balcony (or lanai) and there will be some type of obstruction (tree, building, across the street from the beach, etc) limiting the view.
Ocean View: An ocean view room will offer a better view than a partial ocean view, usually from a higher floor.
Oceanfront: An oceanfront room will be directly facing the water. This is also the most expensive view. It is normally $100-400 more per night than the least expensive view.
Overwater Bungalow: This option is available only in Tahiti where whole resorts are built on stilts over the water.

Are some travel days better than others?
Monday to Thursday are the least expensive days to fly. Friday-Saturday-Sunday are the heaviest travel days making lower fares harder to find. Plus the airlines also impose a weekend surcharge. It is good to be flexible, but in order to give you an accurate quote we will need exact dates of travel.

What size of car do we need?
Economy: This is a small 2 door vehicle that will hold a maximum of 2 adults & 2 children with very limited trunk space. Kia Rio or similar.
Compact: This 4 door will hold 2 adults & 2 children. Dodge Caliber or similar.
Mid Size: Four adults will fit comfortably in this 4 door vehicle. Chrysler Sebring or similar.
Full Size: Four adults and 1 child will fit in this 4 door. Dodge charger or similar.
Convertible: Two adults and two children will fit comfortably in this Chrysler Sebring or similar. It has very limited trunk space.
Jeep: Two adults and 2 small children. This Jeep wrangler has no trunk space.
SUV: 5 passengers maximum in this Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo or similar.
MiniVan: 7 passengers max, but if it is 7 adults with luggage you won't all fit.

The car agency will advise you regarding the maximum number of passengers allowed per car type. Hawaii state law will require a seatbelt for each passenger. Child seats are mandatory to a certain age/height.

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Written by Marie Glodt Travel to Maui. A Hawaiian Destination specialist and Maui travel agent.
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